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There are several groups and mailing lists which are either exclusively Archer/Reed or which have significant A/R content. Several of these groups also have fiction archives.

Archer/Reed is also well-represented on LiveJournal, with a community, two active role-playing games, and individual journals whose owners list archerreed among their interests.

Additions to this list are very welcome!

Live Journal Communities

Archerreed -- Anything Archer/Reed... fic, icons, art, discussion

Yahoo Groups & Lists

Reed's Archery Range -- Archer/Reed only... fiction, discussion, art

Reed's Armory -- Reed-centric fiction of all types, discussion

Archer's Enterprise -- All slash pairings, including plenty of A/R... fiction, discussion

EntSTSlash -- Slash Fic, announcements, discussion

Role-Playing Games on LiveJournal

TrekSoap -- Strong A/R storylines, multi-Trek community, plenty of angst!

Ent_Musing -- Strong A/R storylines, small community, new players welcome

Ent_Madness -- Meta community for Ent_Musing, a place for players and muses and readers to comment, show off new icons, make announcements

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