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This is a section where authors can showcase their Archer/Reed stories. It might be an author's only website, or it can be an additional place to present their work. Each author will have their own cover/index page.

Few author pages have been posted to this section yet, but same are in progress and there's room for more. And it's free!

There are also links to some A/R stories that were written for the EntFications on LiveJournal.

A/R Author Pages


EntFicathon Stories!

Most of the stories from the first round of the EntFicathon have been posted. A/R was very well represented and direct links to all of those are provided here. Summaries are those provided by the authors.

Each Second of Fear (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, TBC) by The Moonmoth

Jonathan always thought there would be time, one day, to sort out his messy relationship with Malcolm. Time just ran out. [NC-17] ~16,000 words

Without Your Love by Stormymouse

Malcolm experiences flashbacks of his relationship with Jonathan. [NC-17] ~3200 words

The Message by Kayjayuu

Some things are not better left unsaid.[NC-17] ~5600 words

Leather and Lace by Beverly Crusher

Some Ceremonial Dressing should come with a health warning... at least for a certain captain...
[NC-17] ~5120 words

This Time (part 1 and part 2) by Mareel

Love and loss... and finding their way back home [NC-17] ~18,500 words

Stories from the second round of the EntFicathon have been posted. Direct links to the A/R stories are provided here. Summaries are those provided by the authors.

Here for You by Enterprisegal

Sometimes a friend is all you need. [PG] ~1500 words

An Epic Tale of a Lord and His Faithful Knight (part 1/2) and (part 2/2) by Duck

Archer/Reed in the Middle Ages[R] ~13,016 words

Home by Mareel

A private interlude... a bottle of wine... and a surprise or two for Jon [NC-17] ~6500 words

The Condensation of the Universe by RoaringMice

Malcolm's world is reduced to one single focal point. [R] ~7000 words

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