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Welcome! At present this will be mainly a set of links to Archer/Reed fiction by Mareel that is posted on other sites. Gathering the links to the various parts of several series of fics should help make it easier to locate them.

Series & Collections


A series set mostly in ENT Season 3, spanning the entire mission to the Expanse and continuing after "Stormfront" as an AU to Season 4.

Without Change

A collection of semi-independent stories in canon with one another, set in the future, but AU to S4 of ENT.

Just Yesterday & No Tomorrows

Two series of drabbles set in the AU of the "Twilight" episode in ENT Season 3.

Stand-Alone Stories

This Time (part 1 and part 2)

Love and loss... and finding their way back home [NC-17] ~18,500 words

An AU, intensively Season 3-based story that weaves around and thru canon events. I found S3 to be a rich source of inspiration, and love exploring the impact of those events on the A/R relationship.

Beacons in Darkness

After the escape... rescues and freedom and reasons to live. [NC-17]

Because of the image that wouldn't leave my mind of the look shared by Jon and Malcolm when they saw each other on Rura Penthe (S2 episode "Judgment")

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