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Just Yesterday Series by Mareel

This is a series of drabbles set in the AU of the "Twilight" episode in ENT Season 3. Some are Jon's POV and some are from Malcolm, and are not intended to be purely chronological.

1. Just Yesterday

Malcolm and Jon try to continue their relationship, living day to day. [PG]

2. Ceti Alpha Five

It is very cold in space. [G]

3. Dear Jonathan

Unforgettable. [PG]

4. Dear Malcolm

What memories endure? [R]

5. Dichotomy

Transcending the blurred distinctions between young and old, past and present. [R]

6. Risking Hope

Of hope glinting through the shadows... [G]

7. Foreplay

Reaffirmation. [R]

8. Afterglow

Realization. [PG-13]

9. How Far From Morning

I was with you. [PG-13]

No Tomorrows Series by Mareel

This series of drabbles set in the AU of the "Twilight" episode in ENT Season 3 are from various points of view, including Hoshi, Malcolm, and T'Pol. They are not intended to be purely chronological, and they interweave with the Just Yesterday series fics..

1. No Tomorrows

Hoshi's perspective on the loss of both the captain and the man. [G]

2. Nocturne

Promise. [PG-13]

3. Illogical

The logic of a lie against the memory of the heart. [G]

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