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Refuge Series by Mareel

This is a series set mostly in ENT Season 3, but which continues (AU to Season 4) after "Stormfront". It began as a series of drabbles and double drabbles in canon with one another, but sometimes the guys weren't in a mood to distill their thoughts to fit a particular format. There are some ficlets and a longer piece or two. Long incomplete, the missing Part 15 is finally finished as "How Far from Morning."

1. Refuge

The world changes, but love endures and sustains. [PG-13]

2. Collateral Damage

Malcolm tries to get past "Captain Archer" to reach Jonathan. [PG-13]

3. Respite

Jon and Malcolm reconnect amid the stress of the Expanse. [PG-13]

4. Memory and Promises

Jon and Malcolm recollect the vows they made to one another before this mission. [G]

5. The Hawks of Morning

Nightmares, role-reversals, and an old lullabye. Jon and Malcolm look at what they need from their relationship, and what they find in it. [PG-13]

6. Still Waiting

Waiting and hoping are the whole of life... [G]

7. When Winds of Changes Shift

Jonathan and Malcolm consider choices in the past and for the future. [G]

8. Cherish, Respect, Shelter, Defend

"It should have been me." [G]

9. Always Remember

Remembering a word, a touch. [G]

10. Held Constant

"Although I've travelled far... I always hold a place for you in my heart" (T. Chapman) [G]

11. Where All My Journeys End

Guilt, grief, hope... home [PG-13]

12. At the End of the Night

Coming home. [R]

13. Sanctuary

It's over... and both understand the costs. [PG]

14. Adrift

Both have seen too much. [R]

15. How Far from Morning

Yesterdays and tomorrows... the personal aftermath of the Xindi mission [NC-17] ~7500 words

16. Home

A private interlude... a bottle of wine... and a surprise or two for Jon [NC-17] ~6500 words

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